Drivers say they are unclear about the pricing of fuel following recent hike.

Fuel prices have been fluctuating in the country since 2017. The government increased the price of petrol from D50 to D55 per litre on January 1, 2020.

But the recent price hike have left drivers and commuters worried.

Drivers blamed the transport ministry for not controlling the fuel price.

Ebrima Njie a taxi driver said:” we are not specific about price of fuel, there is no specific amount mentioned so far.”

He said fuel price keeps fluctuating and “this makes our work very difficult and always they add D5-D10 which is very expensive if you calculate it per litre”.

Mr. Njie urged transport minister to look into the situation and come up with tangible fuel prices.

Muhammed Gorri another driver said:”the increase of petrol is very challenging to us but we are uncertain about the pricing.

“Drivers do buy more than 5 litres per day which is very expensive and some passengers give them less than even D8 for fair, and now it is added but the fair still remain the same.”

Amie Ceesay, a commuter, said the situation affects both drivers and passengers, adding “because some drivers do not go to traffic and makes transportation issue hard for them to get to their destination.”

Serra Fatty also a commuter described the fluctuation of fuel prices would triggered rise in fares by drivers adding “sometimes you need to trek because you can’t afford to pay huge amount of money in short distances.”

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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