Muslims in Africa and around the world have been celebrating Eid-al Fitr – a festival of feast which marks the end of a month of fasting when Muslims abstain from eating, drinking, and intimacy from dawn to dusk.

But this year’s celebration have been observed in lockdown restrictions to help contain spread of coronavirus, which restricted Muslims in The Gambia to hold private prayers in their homes.

Gambiana has been speaking to the country’s Muslims on how they have celebrated the holy feast.

Mutarr Mendy, who spoke to Gambiana via telephone at his Brusubi residence, said: “I celebrated the Eid with my family, we brew attaya and ate our meat.”

Amadou Barry, a Gambian-based Senegalese journalist, also said:”It’s very different from the priouvious ones we thank God.”

According to Mr Barry, he used to go around interviewing people about the day which was this year restricted because of  the virus outbreak.

Fatou Gassama said:”I spend it at home, ate and chatted with my family.”

She however said:”but due to the Covid-19 a lot of things have change but that’s what Allah decide and we have to accept it.”

Mustapha Mbye said:”we celebrated it in lockdown. Everything done at home, and something that’s acceptable to me given the dangerous circumstances surrounding the coronavirus pandemic.

“Let’s continue to pray to the Almighty to save us from this hostage taker.”

Mariama Komma praised God for enabling her witness this year’s Eid saying “Alhamdulillah I am thankful to Allah for making us witness this year’s Korite.”

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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