Gambians 4 Gambia (G4G) on Friday distributed sanitary products to remote villages in The Gambia to help them fight the spread of the coronavirus.

The charitable organisation said in a press release:

“After realising that some villages lack the products needed for them to protect themselves from the dangerous Corona Virus, we could not help but empty our small savings to buy these materials for the communities. We also actively engaged the people through different media outlets on WHO recommendations for the pandemic.

“We pride ourselves on working for the wellbeing of our community and we totally understand that these are times when the whole world needs to stand together in providing the necessary support to the least privileged. 

“This is why we took every penny in our account to provide the minimum assistance we could offer.

“We are willing and ready to work with any individual or organisation that is interested in providing more assistance to these disadvantaged villages or any of our other courses.

“Together we will defeat this virus in no time.”

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