The Gambian Dalasi has dropped in value against some major currencies including the British pound and US dollar. 

Below is Friday’s exchange rate of the Dalasi to other major world currencies

US Dollar – 58.4 Gambian Dalasi

UK Pound- 66.2 Gambian Dalasi

Swiss Franc – 57.0 Gambia Dalasi

Swedish Krona – 530.5 Gambia Dalasi

Canadian Dollar – 42.9 Gambia Dalasi

CFA Franc 438 –  1 Gambia Dalasi 

Saudi Riyal – 15.5 Gambia Dalasi

Ghana Cedi – 4.3 Gambia Dalasi

China Renmibi (Yuan) – 8.08 Gambia Dalasi

Turkish Lira – 3.14 Gambia Dalasi

Nigerian Naira – 0.13 Gambia Dalasi

Australian Dollar – 37.5 Gambia Dalasi

Japanese Yen – 39.6 Gambia Dalasi

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

Editor’s note: 

Gambiana will bring you a daily exchange rate of the Dalasi to major currencies.

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