A Gambian diplomat has been recalled from his post in Russia over a leaked sex tape.

Yankuba Saidy, deputy head of mission embassy of the republic of The Gambia to Moscow, was recalled Russia following his involvement in “activities deemed unbecoming of a Foreign Service Officer.”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Cooperation and Gambians Abroad in a letter dated 25 January 2021 ordered Mr. Saidy to “hand over all official matters to the ambassador immediately”.

The ministry also instructed the ambassador to make arrangements for “Mr. Saidy’s immediate return to Banjul and for the repatriation of his family and personal effects in consultation with the ministry”.

The ministry did not mention the leaked sex tape that has been widely shared on WhatsApp. 

Gambiana has seen the unverified videos of Mr Saidy naked in a bedroom with another black woman whose face was obscured having sex. The identity of the woman is not known. 

It’s is not clear whether the explicit footage was made as part of a honeytrap.

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