A Gambian living in the US state of Georgia is the latest victim of police killing. 

The victim is said to be Momodou Lamin Sisay, the son of UN Diplomat, Lare Sisay of Kudang, Niamina District of The Gambia. 

Banka Manneh, a Gambian living in Georgia, wrote on Facebook: 

“Yet another Police killing of a black man, yet another young life lost, yet another Police report blaming the victim – the facts are out there somewhere . This time a Gambian living in Georgia – Momodou Lamin Sisay is the son of UN Diplomat, Lare Sisay of Kudang, Niamina District of The Gambia.  

“We are still trying to piece together the little pieces of information trickling in regarding the alleged shootout as reported by the Police.  

“We know it was a late night incident but still holding out hope that some passerby recorded the proceedings just like that of George Floyd in Minnesota. 

“If you have any information regarding this matter, please reach out to myself or Alhaji Habib Mbye immediately.  May Jannah be his final resting place.”

Police in Georgia have said the shooting happened on Temple Johnson Road near Pate Road in Snellville.

Photo by John Spink for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Authorities said it started off as a traffic stop around 4 a.m. and then turned into a chase.

“The driver of the vehicle took off at full-speed and refused to stop,” Snellville police said. 

“Officers attempted at PIT maneuver on the vehicle, took the vehicle off the roadway.”

The vehicle crashed into the tree line on Temple Johnson Road. Once the vehicle came to a stop, officers approached the car and gave the driver commands but he refused to comply.

“The subject produced a handgun and began firing at the officers. There was an exchange of gunfire,” Snellville police said.

Snellville police called in a SWAT team from Gwinnett County to assist.

“At one point he lifted up his firearm and pointed it at our officers,” Cpl. Michele Pihera with Gwinnett County Police Department said. 

“One of our officers assigned to the SWAT team fired one round.”

Pihera said right now, they don’t know if that round hit the suspect, but he was later found dead in the car.

Additional reporting by WSB TV Atlanta 

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