A Gambian man hanged himself at a migrants’ reception centre run by the Diocese of Turin in northwest of Italy.

The 28-year-old identified as Gaye Demba was reported to be suffering from severe depression and had a history of mental illness.

Turin Archbishop, Cesare Nosiglia, whose Diocese was caring for him, said Demba took his life due to “interior wounds that we weren’t able to heal.”

Archbishop Nosiglia added that his death should “force us to reflect on the many wounds … that he and many other migrants have.”

Sergio Durando, director of the Diocese’s pastoral care of migrants, said Demba was “a kind man, liked by all.”

“Unfortunately he had severe depressive tendencies, and had already tried to take his life a few months ago.”

Durando added that after that his first suicide attempt the directors at the Diocese had asked for him to be looked after at the psychiatric care facility at the Mauriziano Hospital in Turin.

On being released after a spell at the hospital, Durando said, Demba seemed better but unfortunately he wasn’t.

“He knew he was suffering because he had agreed to underfo special treatment for this type of disturbance.”

According to Durando the community of the Diocese of Turin has been deeply affected by Demba’s tragic death. He said the staff at the Diocese and Demba’s fellow migrants had rallied around him in recent months “to protect him from self-harm.”

It is not clear when Demba migrated to Italy but he was reported to be living in the country legally.

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