A group of Gambian migrants in Tunisia has come under xenophobic attack – as the migrants now plead for government intervention.

In a video seen by Gambiana, the Gambian migrants many of whom in their 20s could be heard pleading for help and they lament of the inhumane treatment being metted on them in Tunisia.

In the same video, a Tunisian man is seen approaching the migrants angrily, but a Gambian migrant is heard telling his compatriots not to touch the man and not to runaway. The man is seen complaining in the midst of the migrants.

“We are being terrorised here by Tunisians. They evicted us forcefully in our homes and sent us away. We have no food to eat, no water to drink and no place to sleep. We are tired of this situation. Please Gambians and The Gambia government help us get out of this situation,” a Gambian migrant is heard pleading.

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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