A Gambian PhD student who was struggling financially in America, has stumbled on a life-changing encounter after donating his last coins to a man who begged him for money. 

Amadou Keita, 33, didn’t realised that the beggar was a high-profile digital creator, Zachery Dereniowiski, who rewards random strangers for their kindness. 

“It’s normal to support when people need help.I should not keep this for tomorrow when someone needs it today,” Keita told the social media influencer who pretended to him of being penniless. 

After receiving the coins, Dereniowiski revealed his identity and in return gave Keita $5,000. 

He then shared the encounter to millions of his followers on social media platforms and asked for donations to support Keita. 

Keita was recently evicted from his apartment at the end of April, as he ran out of money. He is a PhD student whose dream is to become a professor.

He is currently living in his mathematics office the past 10 days as he has no where else to go and now, cannot even afford his next school tuition.

“Although he is going through a lot personally, he still found it in his heart to help me. After I surprised Amadou with $5000 cash on behalf of Chime, he told me about the struggles he’s currently facing. 

“Let’s all come together and show Amadou the power of the internet and bless him. 100% of the funds raised will go towards Amadou’s tuition and living expenses. Since Amadou helped me, let’s help him. Be kind and love always,” Zachery Dereniowiski said.

The encounter touched the hearts of many who raised over $100,000 for Keita. He was given a scholarship, laptop and a brand new car by generous donors.

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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