A group of Gambian returnees where filmed at the Banjul International Airport squabbling with immigration and health officials after reportedly refusing to comply with the 14 days compulsory mandatory quarantine for all passengers entering The Gambia. 

A viral video on social media shows the group of passengers trying to force their way through a security cordon at the airport.

It is not clear from which country the Gambian passengers may have travelled from. 

However the Gambia government yesterday issued a mandatory 14 day quarantine for all passengers, Gambians and non Gambians alike from 47 countries, entering the country. 

It came few days after a 21 year old Gambian returnee from the U.K. became the first coronavirus patient in The Gambia after testing positive for the virus two days after entering the country. 

The viral video which was posted on Facebook drew the anger of many Gambians. 

Bah Pullo Jerry, who shared the video on her Facebook timeline, said: “I dont know if am angry or disappointed. These passengers will never do such from where they were coming from. They are at risk and putting our people’s lifes (sic) at risk n still acting so rude to our police. They should all be arrested n lock up for 2 weeks or more. Shame on them.”

Sidibe Fullah said: “Gambians with their lawless attitudes. Only in Gambia.”

Shattered Kallon said: “the  government  shutdown the airport please.”

Awa Saine said: “They should have the millitary to handle them. This is for their own good and also for the poor country that is lack of medical facilities.”

Paboy Sidibeh said “The people are rude, selfish. We all follow rules and regulations in the Western world, why can’t we follow our own regulations and laws. Self discipline is the only thing that can develop our country. If the government try to fiercely enforce laws we gonna still blame them for assault on citizens.  Why can’t we behave,  like human being in our own country.”

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