Gambian socialite Aisha Fatty will on Tuesday appear before a prosecutor in Dakar after her arrest by the Senegalese Cybercrime Unit.

She was arrested on suspicion of using nude photos to blackmail her ex-fiancé, Senegalese tycoon Abdoulaye Thiam.

Mrs Fatty has been in a prolonged legal battle with Mr Thiam after the end of their relationship. 

Scores of Gambians have been reacting to her arrest in Senegal with some describing it as “abduction”. 

US-based Gambian journalist, Omar Wally, said: “the decision taken by Senegalese border security was not appropriate.

“Had Aisha committed a crime, the Senegalese security could have engaged the Gambian counterparts, and extradited Aisha. The Gambia and Senegal has several security arrangements which allows each country to pursue persons of interest across the border into another.”

Fatoumatta Samateh added:“First of all, who informed Thiam about Aisha Fatty’s visit to Senegal? Second of, if the case is already before the court, why arrest her? Isn’t that interfering with due process? If the news of her arrest is true, I hope Gambians stand up and fight for their own.”

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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