Hamat Bah

The Gambian minister of tourism and culture has claimed in parliament that the nation’s lawmakers should not have been obliged by any sort of law to pay the contentious 2.5 million dalasis vehicles.

Speaking in parliament on Wednesday during question and answer session, Hamat Bah told MPs that: “The vehicles given to them are very fitting and timely for them to be able to discharge their responsibilities. 

“I believe that section 112 of the 1997 Constitution made it very clear the responsibilities of members of the parliament to the Gambian nation.”

“This is my view and I believe it is wrong; it should be converted into fuel and they should not pay a dime for these vehicles, they are doing a job, and they are elected members, it is wrong and I think you should have made everything possible that they should not pay a dime for the vehicles,” he added.

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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