Photos of Gambian women who lost their lives during childbirth

Gambian women have bemoaned the country’s unacceptably high maternal mortality rate and called on the government to put a stop to the preventable deaths. 

President Adama Barrow in his a state of the nation address on Thursday has pledged to reduce the maternal mortality rate and under-5 deaths. 

However Gambian women want to see tangible results and on Friday expressed their outrage on social media using the hashtag #GambianWomen’sLivesMatter. 

Campaign to end soaring deaths of maternal mortality rate has been trending on social media platforms dubbed #Gambian Women’s Lives Matter.

Oley Dibba Wadda, a banker and politician tweeted: “This is unacceptable. Their young lives were snatched so early by death for giving birth to new life all within a few weeks.  How on earth can such be explained in the year 2020?” 

Amy Tyma said: “Maternal deaths has been rising at an alarming rate in The Gambia and No woman deserves to die while bringing another life to the world 😢

May Allah grant all pregnant women a safe delivery 🙏🏾.”

Amie Bojang Sissoho, Director of Press and Information at State House tweeted: “Unfortunate, No woman should die giving birth to a child.”

Jainaba Faye said: “Every woman in this picture was lost to child birth and related complications (mostly this year alone). How many more women will we loose? Bringing a child to this world should not be a death sentence. This is a National Emergency! @BarrowPresident @MohGambia what is going on?”

YaAdam Fye-Constant, a youth activist said: “This level of negligence is a war on Gambian women! #savegambianwomen 

What can we as women do? How can we get the funding/implementation we need?”

Mama Saidykhan said: “This is unbearable and getting out of control. Action must be taken now.”

Juju Ceesay, an expectant mum expressed concerns: “This is really getting me worried.. I’m due very soon and I’m scared as hell.. I have been contemplating on charging hospitals.”

Hon Kebba Gaye, a parliamentarian joined the women in expressing his outrage: “Totally unacceptable! Lost 2 young ladies last week all from Jokadou. Is the gov’t even taking note? How is this possible in 2020?”

Reporting by Momodou Musa Touray & Adama Makasuba

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