The silent majority of Gambians over the past 22years owe it to themselves & future generations to find the courage to WATCH, LISTEN, and LEARN from the TRRC.DO NOT TURN AWAY YOUR GAZE OR YOUR EARS AGAIN LIKE YOU DID FOR 22 YEARS.

Most importantly, DON’T JUST SENSATIONALIZE the TRRC, LEARN FROM IT. If “NEVER AGAIN” is to be a reality, we must find the courage to take in these horrendous images and accept that they were happening at the same time that we were dancing at our parties, focused on our businesses, going about our daily lives, etc. WHAT WE MUST ASK OURSELVES IS, WHAT ARE WE EACH PERSONALLY GOING TO DO DIFFERENTLY?

When the TRRC reaches the era of the infamous Killer “JUNGLERS,” people will finally realize why we risked life and limb for almost 2 decades trying to get Jammeh out. We were getting details of such brutality constantly. And as Human beings of conscience, we could not close our eyes, ears, mouths, and not act; despite being constantly discouraged by people around us to stay away and join the silent majority- who felt they were wisely keeping themselves and their families’ safe and growing their careers and businesses.

By Sigga Jagne

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