Halifa Sallah

Veteran politician Halifa Sallah has ruled himself out of any position in the Barrow administration. 

Sallah, who has retired from frontline politics after the December 4 presidential election, said he has no interest in holding a government post in a non-socialist government. 

“I think having worked with Barrow and with the maximum respect we have for each [other] we will not ever enter into those issues. There cannot be two presidents and two different ways of governance in a country at any giving time”, Sallah told the host of Teranga FM’s Mborr MI Show. 

He said the reason he embarked on his political career has never been for his own personal gains but to change the fortunes of the Gambians in particular and the African people at large.

“And 50 years on today, I will not joke with that and this is why I don’t want anything that will tarnish my image,” Sallah said. 

He said this new chapter of his political career will centred around empowering Africans including shuttle diplomacy as the ones being performed by former Nigerian president and elder statesman Olusegun Obasanjo. 

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