Dear Editor,

Please allow me a space in your medium to celebrate our hardworking women in The Gambia and around the world. Women are undoubtedly a key pillar in our society, because without women, there will not be anything like the world.

I feel super proud of our women for the hard work they are doing in our societies on a daily basis. These are people who wake up early in the morning to go to the farms, gardens, markets, offices to make ends meet for their families, and also cook for the families.

These are people who bear the pain of pregnancy for nine months. These are people who will never sleep if their children don’t sleep, these are people who will never eat if their children don’t eat, these are people who will stay awake when their children feel ill, and these are people who want to see their children succeed.

However, women still face numerous challenges especially in the continent of Africa where there are limited resources for the citizenry. 

Women are still dying during childbirth at hospitals and clinics and there is barely any solution to this threat. Women still walk long kilometers to fetch water in some parts of the world in this so-called modern day generation with no step from authorities to solve this problem. 

Women are still subjected to all kinds of inhumane treatment like rape and molestation in some parts of the world in the hands of unscrupulous men who sometimes walk scot-free in the societies.

Therefore, I am calling on the states to help take up pragmatic actions to address the plights facing our gallant women in our societies.

I cease this opportunity to celebrate all women in The Gambia and around the world for their hard work in the society.

Enjoy your day and stay blessed. We love you all to the max!

Adama Makasuba,

Senior reporter for Gambiana

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