President Adama Barrow

It’s barely three years in office for the Barrow government, yet no meaningful development is tangibly seen.

A government that entire nations and regional bodies, organisations and professional bodies, both home and abroad championed for its being, now seems to have let down the trust of the people.

Every undertaking made by this government before taking control of the levers of power and after taking control is not implemented.

It’s time for Gambians to tell their leaders the blatant TRUTH to keep this noble nation flourish.

Our Agriculture sector is seriously under threat as the menace of climate change keeps growing, and yet our Ministry of Agriculture is not making any effort to finding solution to the problem.

Farmers who the politicians keep tricking to vote for them during elections continue to live in poverty.

Our education system is getting worse day after day. Students are graduating with no or less knowledge imparted to them during their years of studies.

Teachers are being paid bad salaries which is pushing many of them out of the profession in search of better jobs and living standards elsewhere.

Security sector reform has been the mantra of the State yet no action to reforming the sector.

Where is our nation heading to? Are our leaders more concerned about their nation and fellow citizens than their own personal concerns?

We need change in all of our system.

By Adama Makasuba
A Concerned Gambian

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