Imam Abdoulie Fatty has ripped into former vice president and now head of Gamcotrap, Dr Isatou Touray over an arrest call.

In his Friday sermon, Imam Fatty said: “Isatou Touray does not know the law because if she does she wouldn’t ask the IGP to arrest him. Fight against FGM, the person who announced the fight is that the violent person or the other way around, that’s a question for you to answer if you know the law,” he said.

He also calls for people to boycott anything that has to do with Isatou Touray for eternity.

Meanwhile, he called on Gambians especially the Muslim community to boycott Gamcotrap programmes including its community meeting.

“I called on all Muslim communities to boycott their meetings if they can’t chase them out of their communities whenever they come. They should not be allowed to hold their meetings in your compounds because they are not sent by the government; they just associate themselves to the government.

“Someone who cannot even differentiate the first two Islamic alphabets has no moral authority to say what is accepted and what is not in Islam, you know it is politics. If Gambians believe it is religious then they will put their lives on the line and that is why she said it is non-religious and it is a cultural practice,” the imam added.

He described GAMCOTRAP as a non-believing institution which was established by non-believers to turn Muslims into non-believers and to go against Allah and the teachings of prophet Muhammad (SAW).

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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