Imam Abdoulie Fatty has launched a fresh attack on Imam Baba Leigh, telling him to “shut up” as the debate over FGM gets heated.

The two prominent imams have taken opposing stance on the FGM debate. 

Imam Baba Leigh has claimed that there is no religious basis for the practice while Imam Fatty has said it’s a religious duty. 

There have been growing calls for the imams to have a public debate on the issue. 

Imam Fatty has accepted the offer to debate, but Imam Baba Leigh said he preferred dialogue to a debate.

“Ya Imam (Baba Leigh) people are trying to (set up a) debate between you and me and you know me and I know you very well. I call you grandfather. You know me, shut up is better for you. My grandfather and Imam Baba Leigh shut up is better for you.

“Why I am speaking this broken English? This is for you and your masters who sent you to disturb us in this country. Who are you? I am asking you. They are lying — ’FGM’ is Islam not a culture,” Imam Fatty said.

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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