The Gambia’s exiled former President Yahya Jammeh has accused President Adama Barrow of claiming ownership of his projects.

Jammeh who now lives in Equatorial Guinea has been attacking President Barrow’s leadership record as he threw his political weight behind the Gambia Democratic Congress presidential candidate Mama Kandeh.

Speaking at a GDC rally, Jammeh said: “I have heard many times Adama Barrow trying to hoodwink you Gambians telling you that the projects I have implemented, he is the one who brought those projects.

“That is not true Laminkoto-Passamas, you people know I started the project and up to 40 kilometers and there was a delay and the reason for the delay was that they wanted to stop that project, end it at 40 kilometers and then they will complete it in phase 2. 

“I told them that I don’t want an incomplete project it has to be completed.

“Now somebody is coming to claim that he is the one who built this project, Adama Barrow. I have only one question for Adama Barrow and I want him to answer my question: how many stages are in a project?”

“How many stages must one go through before the project is started? And I also want to ask him this question: with regards to Laminkoto-Passamas, who was the first consultant for the project? Let him answer these two questions,” he added.

“Secondly he claims to build the Farafenni bridge. The Farafenni bridge, there was a delay. It started and there was a delay. Why? Let him answer that too,” Jammeh said.

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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