Former Gambian President Yahya Jammeh has said he warned Gambians against voting him out of power as the opposition parties will destroy the country. 

“I had warned Gambians that tribalism does not develop a country it rather pushes back a country backward. 

“I had told you that if the opposition rule the country they will ruin the country. And that’s what has happened. They are tribalists who bring evil into the country,” Jammeh told his loyalists in Diabugu in Upper River Region in a telephone address from his base in Equatorial Guinea.

Jammeh also vowed his imminent return to rule the country again, telling his critics not to flee if they are true to their words that he would never come back home.

“Whether someone likes it or not or whether the Jinns (spirits) like it or not, my return to The Gambia will happen and I will rule the country again. 

“All those who are saying that Yahya will not come back to the country do not usually go by God’s wish because they are Satanic people. Let them wait for me if I will not come back to The Gambia.”

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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