The exiled former president Yahya Jammeh has called on “patriotic Gambians” to fight and regain The Gambia from President Adama Barriw, who defeated him in 2016 presidential election.

Jammeh who is wanted for human rights crimes, was speaking to hundreds of his supporters on Saturday, as he dismissed an alliance with President Barrow’s NPP party.

“We have to fight to regain our country and develop our country as it was done under 22 years of my rule,” Jammeh urged in a telephone address to thousands of his APRC supporters at his home village of Kanilai.

According to Jammeh, “there cannot be any development in a country that is not secured”, adding “where there is no security, there is no peace, people are divided, people are insulting each other’s mothers, people are saying abominable things – heinous language.”

He added: “This is unacceptable. For the APRC… And those who want to come to the APRC and GANU, you’re welcome. Come and join but there will be no insults allowed.

“What is happening in the country… The country is sinking faster than the Titanic and we have to save the country. For us to save the country, we need the hands of all people, patriotic Gambians, for us to work together and get rid of what is happening in our country.”

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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