The Gambia Government says forfeited assets of exiled President Yahya Jammeh will be sold to help finance the search for bodies of missing victims of his regime.

“Of particular concern to the Government is the alarming number of enforced disappearances that occurred under the direction of former President Jammeh and the continuous suffering of families who up until this day are unaware of the whereabouts of their loved ones or their remains. 

“The Government is committed to working with key partners in finding the bodies of victims of enforced disappearances and bringing closure to their families,” the government said.

“There is no doubt that the country has gone through a very traumatic experience and is in dire need of individual and collective healing as well as reconciliation, not just with the perpetrators of these human rights violations but with our past as a nation.

“Reconciliation must be balanced with the need to ensure accountability and that perpetrators who bear the greatest responsibility for human rights abuses are made to face justice and answer for their crimes.

“The Government shall continue to work towards mobilising additional financial resources for this process, including but not limited to the proceeds of the sale of forfeited assets belonging to ex-president Jammeh,” it added.

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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