A taxi driver today confronted the police demolition team as he refuted order to move to a roadside car park.

Bakary Manneh, head of the team arrived at the car park in Banjul surrounded by armed police and soldiers. 

He has vowed to clear urban areas of “illegally” constructed structures and kiosks.

Shortly after arriving at the taxi garage, Manneh and his team were confronted by the taxi drivers to provide an alternative space for them. They expressed their dissatisfaction against the ‘abrupt’ execution order for them to move away.

After minutes of confrontational argument, Manneh who seemed to run out of patience said: “I have entered Banjul and the city will be clear before I leave. If anyone is against what I am doing, take me to court and I will come and listen to you. I give you 24 hours to move away here else if we find anyone here you will be arrested.”

The furious taxi driver who said he is 67 years old fired in bitterness to say: “if you want to kill us but we are not going anywhere. Or else you tell us where we will go. Go to Independence Drive and you will find one million taxis parked there. They want to make us slaves in this country. But we are not going anywhere.”

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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