Landlords and property owners have come under public backlash for charging their houses and property spaces for rent in foreign currencies.

Speaking to Gambiana, Jali Foday Kuyateh said: “We don’t use foreign currency, we use the dalasi.” 

Shiekh Tjian Njie added that: “that’s against the laws of the country because we don’t use hard currency in this country, but we use our currency which is the dalasi.

“Therefore, if you are paying your rent you should pay in dalasi and not in any other country’s currency. It’s not done and it’s unacceptable. I cannot be living in the Gambia and you are asking me to pay you in hard currency.”

Meanwhile, Modou Saine said: “It is normal and it’s not normal at times as far as jobs in the Gambia are limited, citizens don’t have much money so charging them in hard currencies is wrong because many people are jobless in this country. And the government should take a step against this.”

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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