Hamat Bah, minister of lands and local government, has accused former information minister Demba Ali Jawo of betraying Gambian media during tenure to issue license to GSM operators.

Speaking at government monthly joint press  conference held at the Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara International Conference, Bah spilled the beans that D. A Jawo flouted cabinet agreement after it was agreed not to issue license to telecom companies.

He added that Mr Jawo’s decison is one the biggest factor responsible for the struggle Gambian media is going through. 

“Let me tell you the unfortunate thing in this country, which President Barrow never wanted. And I will tell you today. You cannot own a huge GSM company and you own a TV and own a radio. How will the media get money to pay for advertisement? I’m just going to tell you what happened in other countries. You have to pay media houses money for them to build capacities, to grow and make money,” he said.

“Cabinet took that decision not to issue license to the GSM companies. Then D. A Jawo was the minister (of information). As a senior journalist, he is listening to me. When we came to cabinet I asked the question and he said ‘we have already issued the license’ even though we asked him not to issue the license. Today you are victims of that decision because will Qcell come to pay advertisement to you? They have a TV and radio and Aricell has a radio. And D. A Jawo is part of your industry. Let him listen to me and hear this,” he added.

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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