National Assembly Gambia

Lawmakers clashed in the National Assembly yesterday over the National Human Rights Commission’s mandate. 

MP for Latrikunda Sabiji Yaya Sanyang lashed out at the commission’s failure to hold ministers accountable.

“The only thing I found disturbing is that for the period of three years the commission was not able to hold any minister accountable looking at the powers vested in it,” Mr Sanyang told the committee.

“Even for two months you should not allow the institution to start using their oversight function over ministries. The fact is the commission was negotiating with them. That is the fact I want us to improve on this matter,” he added.

However, Banjul South MP Touma Njie quickly interjected: “I think he’s being unfair because the human right commission don’t have the same power as that of the High Court to hold any ministry accountable, their role is to investigate and I think most of that has been done because looking at the functions, powers and meetings of the commission.”

Yaya Sanyan, replied: “the member came late that is why she did not get the whole conversation. According to the commission they are doing an investigation but a particular ministry the commission could not meet them and then you said they don’t have power.”

According to him, page 9 of the NHRC Act states it clearly that the commission has “the rights and privilege vested in the High Court at a trial to hear any complaint, summon witnesses to testify at hearings to examine witnesses to oath, affirmation or otherwise.”

But Touma insisted that they cannot hold them accountable instead they will get the lawmakers to hold a particular ministry accountable.

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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