Sammagi Association in collaboration with the Gam-Sheep Breeders have selected 12 rams for the upcoming International Livestock competition in Senegal, which The Gambia is participating in for the first-time.

The association is dealing in high breed livestock with the objective of attaining food self-sufficiency in The Gambia. Livestock like cows, sheep, goats, chickens, pigs, donkeys and horses are being featured in the International competition.

Ousman Corr, Public Relations Officer of the association, told journalists at a press briefing in Kanifing-South:

“Today marks the turning point in the Gambian livestock industry. We have come to realise the pivotal role that livestock plays in the economy of this nation is important.

Mr. Corr said: “The continued coordination and collaboration of various livestock actors in The Gambia caught the eye of fellow livestock-breeders in neighbouring Senegal.”

He added that they were invited by Senegal to participate in the bi-annual 13 International Livestock Championship Show which is organised by ADAM, Senegal’s National Livestock Association.

Mr. Corr said the selected animals that would leave The Gambia to Senegal’s competition have been prepared and are on standby. The animals will be transported to Senegal on January 12.

He said the significant role livestock played in the country’s economy has motivated them to setup their own livestock association.

“We also aim to reduce the importation of livestock in the country,’’ he said.

Alieu Badjie, a staff of Sammagi, called on Gambians especially the youths to take up animal breeding.

“We have all it takes to get into livestock animal breeding,’’ he said.

Mr. Badjie added: “We have favourable climatic conditions which are suitable for our animals.’’

The International Livestock Competition in Senegal will run from January 17– 27, 2020.

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