Mai Fatty has lambasted lawmakers for refusing to extend the country’s coronavirus lockdown which lapsed yesterday.

Fatty, leader of Gambia Moral Congress, GMC, expressed concerns that the country is no longer in a state of public emergency. 

He wrote on Facebook: “I am very concerned that the state of public emergency expired without some form of an extension. The past 45 days revealed several inconsistencies and inefficiencies. 

“Yet, it should serve as lesson to build upon, not the contrary. I support a limited extension with strict conditions to be imposed, supervised and monitored by parliament and civil society.”

According to Mr Fatty, the President has the executive authority to close our borders “regardless of COVID-19 or not”.

“I recommend the President Barrow to invoke this power under existing emergencies, pending parliamentary extension. 

“It is imperative that the Office of the President officially declares the subsistence of border closure without delay, and in default; it would be against international law to stop intercontinental traffic through our borders.  

“The President should review all reasonable dismal failures on vital conditions required for a better policy implementation towards having a necessary fight against coronavirus pandemic.”

The National Assembly couldn’t reach any decision on Saturday to extend the state of emergency after 25 of 57 voted against 


The Gambia coronavirus cases stand at 23 with 9 recoveries and 1 death.

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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