The leader of Gambia Moral Congress  Mai Fatty says government should “better police” the country’s borders to stop the imported coronavirus cases.

Gambia has seen a sharp rise of cases of the Covid-19 coronavirus mostly from people who have recently travelled from Senegal and Guinea Bissau. 

“Most of our confirmed Covid 19 cases are imported. The danger of this is the potential for widespread community transmissions which may prove disastrous for our communities…something The Gambia appears unprepared for,” Mr Fatty wrote on a Facebook post on Sunday.

“We need to effectively police the borders to stop the inflow of imported infections, and as of now, the Immigration Department is constrained by serious mobility challenges rendering our porous borders highly insecure.”

He added: “The seriousness of government regarding the pandemic should be judged by its commitment to the very Regulations it created, and how it supports the security forces, including frontline staff with the resources and tools they need to effectively implement the measures contained in the SoPE. So far, the evidence is not encouraging.”

Mr Fatty called on the Barrow government to invest more resources in the country’s security institutions. 

“The unpreparedness of the internal security forces to enforce covid 19 Regulations, is not their fault, and need to be rapidly remedied by the State,” he said.

“This basic step will be government’s primary evidence of its commitment to implementing the Regulations. The Nation is taking stock.”

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