Sheriffo Sanyang, a man who identified himself as a soldier, has detailed how General Saul Badjie allegedly hatched plan to assassinate former Gambian president Yahya Jammeh.

In a leaked audio, Sanyang described in detail the assassination plan of Jammeh’s former security chief. 

He claimed that the plan was not executed because the president was not travelling on the days they had planned to kill him. 

“Sir there was also another plan that was in place. Like inside the palace you do have guns there so those weapons normally if you are leaving from Banjul to Kanilai those weapons will be transferred from the house to the car. 

“And there is another weapon, the 50 caliber, the long sniper weapon. So, we were trying to take it from the house to our disposal. Unfortunately, you were not travelling,” he said in the audio. 

He continued: “So, the general was facilitating how to bring weapons from your house and he assigned that Colley who supposed to bring out the weapon from but unfortunately during that time you were not travelling outside the country. 

“So, it was purposely given that any time you are leaving the country that this Colley will bring the weapon to general Badjie who will hand it over to us so that it will be positioned in Banjul around that Nawec tank.” 

“You know normally when you are going out you do pull your head out of the vehicle, so during your arrival going to the palace that the particular weapon they will use against you. But unfortunately, you were not travelling from your house,” he added.

Gambiana could not independently verify the authenticity of the claims made by the ex-soldier.

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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