A homeowner has said he won’t back down in his fight to keep his land after his D2 million house in Sokoi was demolished. 

Omar Joof, a Gambian based in Germany, said he owned the land that was now being claimed by one Omar Bojang who carried out the demolition of his house. 

“I’m ready to die,” Mr Joof told reporters at the site where his house once stood.  

“I spent £42,000 on this house and now I don’t fear to do anything,” he said, adding “if anyone comes and meet me here, I will either kill you or you kill me.”

Mr Joof said he had reported the matter to the Physical Planing Department and the police but that no justice was being served.

“I see that there is no justice in this  country and now I fear nothing. I am ready to die that’s why I left my family in Germany to come here.”

He said he returned to the country just to transfer his family to the new house and only to hear that his million dalasis house has been demolished. He added that the “stress [of the land dispute] killed my mother”.

Mr Joof and 40 other residents in Sokoi are affected by the land dispute and many of their houses which cost millions of dalasi and took many years to build are now demolished. 

The homeowners accused Mr Bojang who claimed to own the disputed land of trespassing on their properties. It is claimed that Mr Bojang had sold the disputed land to a Gambian-based Sudanese Real Estate Company, Unity Property.

Omar Bojang and Unity Property have been contacted for comment. 

Reporting by Adama Makasuba 

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