The Mauritanian Coast Guard on Friday said it found another boat carrying at least 150 Gambian migrants on their way to Spain. Officials said they have detained everyone on the boat, which lacked food, water and fuel.

The coast guard was on a search and rescue mission of the coastal town of Nouadhibou for missing migrants after a boat from the Gambia capsized on Wednesday. 63 people were confirmed dead while 83 survivors, including children, were rescued as they swam ashore in high seas.

The Gambia government released a statement yesterday expressing condolences to the victims’ families and said they were working with the UN and Mauritania authorities to investigate the tragic accident.

“The Gambia government is working with the United Nations International Organization for Migration and will dispatch a delegation to Mauritania at the earliest possible time to investigate and gather more information on the accident,” President Barrow said in a statement.

This tragedy is the single biggest loss of Gambian lives since the illegal migration route to Europe started in 2012.

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