Momodou Cham, known as MC Cham Jr, has lashed out at the civil society for being silent on the proposed judicial remuneration bill that seeks to make provisions for the enactment of the salaries, allowances, and pension entitlements of judicial officers.

Reacting to the bill, he said: “This where the roles of civil society and movements come into play, to stand against such issues that shouldn’t be accepted in the country. How many movements and civil societies does Gambia have? Activism isn’t about writing on social media pages and issuing press releases.

“It’s time now for every Gambian to call their national assembly members and ask them not to vote for the bill. The Gambia is at a crossroad and people are struggling and hungry. The resources they are squandering could’ve been used to address problems facing the country. Since President Barrow came to power, living conditions have been very expensive.

“They are the ones enjoying the cake and every citizen should enjoy the national cake. This government doesn’t care about the  plights of Gambians. What they are all concerned about is maintaining their seats in office.”

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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