Today (29 December) we celebrate our third anniversary. Three years old and counting. Happy birthday Gambiana.  

As we celebrate our third anniversary, founder and managing editor Momodou Musa Touray sets out the values, ideals and principles that would underpin Gambiana journalism as the Gambia builds her young democracy.   

Three years ago (2018), we set out to create a platform that support free speech and expression.  

As an independent media platform, Gambiana strives to reflect the views and aspirations of a broad spectrum of Gambians, publishing objective, factual and balanced coverage of the news.   

Our editorial policy is the pursuit of truth free from bias and partisanship. We encourage, defend and promote the highest standards of journalism.  

To achieve that goal, we have assembled a team of talented journalists and writers to report the news and provide brilliant analyses on issues affecting Gambians at home and abroad.  

We continue to provide our readers with hard-hitting news and articles that are well researched, insightful, interesting and informative.  

At Gambiana we believe in the power of idea. It’s the greatest currency for social change and progress. We will give expression to ideas and thoughts that aim to cure all our ills and we will fight vociferously against corruption and tribalism, the twin evil forces obstructing our progress as a nation. 

On December 4 the Gambia cemented its democratic status as a peaceful country capable of holding a free and fair election without violence. This exercise continued a Gambian political tradition that started in 1951. “The Gambia has the longest uninterrupted multiparty electoral experience in Africa,” writes historian Hassoum Ceesay. “Gambians have never in the past 73 years waited for more than five years to be called to the polls to elect their leaders in multi-party elections,” he adds.  

This is a rare feat in Africa where elections are dress rehearsals for full blown tribal violence. The Gambian political heritage is unique, and we must do all we can to keep and nurture it.  

The vibrant Gambian press has always reflected the moral compass of the people and has gallantly fought British imperial rule as well as the Jammeh dictatorship. From Edward Francis Small to Swaebou Conateh, Gambian journalists have been at the vanguard in the fight for freedom and the rule of law. The independent media has long been an insurmountable pillar of Gambian democracy.  

As Gambians move on from the dark days of the Jammeh dictatorship, a new political awakening beacon. Now more than ever thousands of readers are coming to Gambiana in search of honest, authoritative, fact-based reporting. We believe that the cardinal role of the media is to provide accurate information free from bias or censorship. We know too well that a well-informed society is an insurance policy against authoritarianism.  

Our journalism is available free to everyone in the Gambia and the diaspora.  

But at this crucial time, news organisations like ours are facing financial challenges.  

Advertising revenue continues to fall steeply as the big global players like Google hold sway.  We believe with the support of our readers we can overcome these challenges.  

As we celebrate our third anniversary, we have a small favour to ask. We’d like to thank you for putting your trust in our journalism this year – and invite you to support our fundraising campaign as we continue to provide you with honest and fact-based independent journalism. Here’s the link:

Every contribution, however big or small, powers our journalism and sustains our future. 

Thank you. Happy new year.  

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