The Gambia’s minister of environment, Rohey John-Manjang, has vowed to set unforgettable examples of persons found complicit in selling off the Manduarr forest.

Mrs John-Manjang’s threat followed a row over the alleged land sale in the Koto Bali Community Forest. 

Several youths from Manduar were arrested for opposing authorities leading to a skirmish. They have since been released after being charged and arraigned before a court. 

Reacting to the matter, she said: “I made it very clear that I am working with the ministry of defence, interior, information, lands to make sure that we crackdown on whatever has happened in this that has not passed through the due process of the law. As for now, what we have decided is that the forest has been gazetted as a community forest and it has gone through all the processes required by the law.”

“Our next action will be dictated by what and who has been involved and we will now respond to what we are going to do, and be rest assured that we are not going to take it likely. We want to set an example for whoever is found wanting so that the law takes its due course,” she added.

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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