Momodou Sabally has said that more than 2000 people have joined the ruling National People’s Party since his defection from the opposition United Democratic Party.

Sabally has brushed off claims that his departure from UDP does not affect the party as “false claims by angry people”.

He said that dozens of people within the UDP have questioned him for not informing them of his move to the National People’s Party, adding that many of those people want to join him at Barrow’s party.

“I have observed since before joining President Barrow’s party that he has empowered his party and weakened the opposition. I can assure President Barrow and the NPP people that more than 2000 people have moved to the party,” he said.

“I have said that I will not respond to those people’s talks that my departure from UDP doesn’t affect the party with words but I will respond to them with actions. There is something that happened in this country that’s not yet announced. I haven’t started working since I joined NPP but thousands of people have joined NPP. When I went to Kiang, what I saw there thrilled me because Kiang is a hardcore opposition zone,” he added.

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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