One Pac has claimed that he had “disciplined Tsmallz physically” amid an ongoing row between the two artists.

The two singers have been at a loggerhead and have been exchanging hash words online since Tsmallz launched an attack on ST. One Pac came to the defence of ST and accused Tsmallz of having hard feelings against ST

The Bakau born rapper claimed that he was insulted by Tsmallz in a live online show with Aegis Corner.

“Tsmallz is the most surprising latest heart feeler in the music industry. He insulted me and when we met, I beat him,” he said.

“No one will insult me and go scot-free. When we met in The Gambia, I asked him why he insulted me and he repeated the insults. Then after that I did what is right in the place of an insult,” he added.

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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