The Gambia’s Health minister Ahmadou Samateh describes his job in the middle of the fight against Covid-19 as the most challenging one. You will think he is referred to a surge in the number of Covid-19 patients. Hell no! He is referring to the level of corruption in his ministry in relation to the Covid-19 money. 

The Health minister confessed that he inherited a very bad health system. In fact, to add to the minister’s claims, his frustration is across the board. 

Samateh Confirmed the same old people are in the system doing things in the same old way. How is Minister Samateh reconciling this challenge with the Finance minister who is very passionate about doing things the old way? But isn’t the same old way of doing things not the norm? 

According to the Health minister, verifiably a lot of funds were dedicated to the Ebola outbreak which if invested as planned, the health system wouldn’t have been like what it is today. Who diverted those funds? It is heartless to divert state funds for personal use. 

Equipments claimed to have been purchased from Ebola funds were never delivered in the country. Allowance were given as impress and paid to selected individual (friends or family). Again, the same issue of nepotism. We must help to fight these cancers together. Our nations health is our wealth. 

Minister suggest there is sabotage of the system. Who are sabotaging the health system? Will the government ignore them? 

By the allegation of the minister, the level of corruption in his ministry is unprecedented. He accused middle managers of owning between 3 to 4 story buildings in towns across the country. 

In fact. Some have planted specific staff along the borders, collecting funds on their behalf? Fund from who? Who are the collectors and who assigned them? 

An Ex Health minister requesting fuel coupons from health staff. Another level of a classical corruption and lack of sympathy. 

I understand Samateh’s frustration. He needs our support. But how is Samateh’s ministry different from other ministries who are suppose to support him. 

Every aspect of Barrow government day in day out is in some way associated to or implicated to some form of corruption including the state house. 

How committed is the president in the fight against corruption? What is holding the launching of the Anti Corruption Commission? 

If an incapacitated Health ministry fighting a pandemic is face with dubious games and corruption, that is a recipe for calamity.  

Will samateh be the Next Muhammed Manjang be to axed from the system for his fight Against corruption? 

By Citizen Jarju

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