Believe me when I say I am one of the people who held Nyang Njie in high esteem which is the reason I am shocked and disappointed with his angry tirade against Banjulians. 

Not even in my wildest dreams or imagination could I envisage Nyang hurling such venomous insults and profanities on Banjul and the elders of Banjul including our Imam Ratib. 

So many youths are angrily leaking their wounds with vengeance in their minds and it is the same people he insulted that are doing everything to appease them. 

Never have I ever witnessed such anger against a Domi Banjul by so many people young and old. What kind of arrogance and flippancy motivated this.

Nyang if truly the blood of Banjul is what is cruising in your veins, believe me you owe a lot of apologies to your fellow Banjulians. 

Nyang! I mean apologies not explanations of appeasement. Don’t even contemplate trying to explain for your utterances were heard loud, clear and unadulterated. 

Personally I still don’t know how to forgive you with sincerity, believe me and there are hoards in that frame of mind.

Nyang, you were in a position to be anything in your birthplace however that has been seriously jeopardized.

The political elements you seem to be rooting for are not better than you so why sell your Ngorr and everything you represented for such a paltry price? Lukofi jarr? 

Remember we met at the funeral of the late Sammy Lai Mboge of blessed memory and I shook your hands with my two fists even though I am far far older than you ? This happened at the Pipeline Mosque. 

Today I deeply regret that act following your outrageous outbursts towards elders we hold dear. I have said that I am far older than you, perhaps you can ask your mother she was my primary school classmate.

Nyang you have in your outburst unleashed a degree of indignation in Banjul towards yourself and everyone you embrace politically. Perhaps one day I might find it in my heart to sincerely forgive you for I can’t speak for Banjul.

By Pa Wakka Jobe

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