The Gambian people have faced down Jammeh and his tanks. I see no reason why a 73-year-old pensioner with Zimmer frame and his thugs will cow them.

Let’s face it the December 4 presidential election was a referendum on Darboe and his brand of politics. 

This is bizarre because he is not the incumbent president. It should have been Barrow on the referendum ticket. 

But instead it was Darboe v Gambia. The silent majority of the Gambian people are progressive and tolerant and just want to get along with everyone. That just sensible given that The Gambia is a rainbow nation of tribes and religions. 

So naturally the Gambian people were fearful of Darboe’s divisive and vitriolic politics that preached tribal hegemony, disunity, violence and retribution. That’s recipe for disaster. Gambia NO PROBLEM DEH!

And secondly Darboe’s false sense of entitlement to the presidency was off putting for many voters. NO ONE in The Gambia, I repeat louder for those at the back of the classs, NO ONE in The Gambia has a birthright to be president. It’s a bloody privilege that you work for not demand. 

It’s about time that the UDP take a hard look in the mirror and accept the reality. They need a period of deep introspection and change at the helm. Their divisive and in-your-face type of politics has no place in Gambia.

The party desperately needs a new and progressive leadership to take them to the Promised Land. Any party that cannot sack it’s failing leadership is a dictatorship. Leaders should be respected and not deified. And should also be judged on election results.

Darboe has been at the helm since the formation of the party in 1996 and has been defeated in five presidential elections. 

It’s time for this veteran and formidable political leader to step aside to allow the young talents in his party take over the reins. 

He would do Gambia and everyone a favour by retiring from frontline politics like Halifa Sallah and spends his twilight years in his village of Dobo as an elder statesman. 

By Momodou Musa Touray


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