A man looks towards the sea on Nouakchott , Mauritania. (Photo by Thomas Trutschel/Photothek via Getty Images)

A continent with wealth but governed by the selfishly wealthy

That bluntly lie to the people they owe the truth 

And empower their associates, denying the rightful

They bring war after their tenure expires to keep power

Indeed life is not sweet as we want it to be in Africa

Things are in bizarre state

Life isn’t worth it to many people anymore

As war is dictating life for us

 Blood is spilled with impunity

Their killing ways know no discrimination 

Our children are dying in starvation

Our women and girls are raped with impunity

Youths lost hope long since 

Pushing them to take the backway route to Europe

Many die of hunger in the desolate desert of the Sahara

Others drown in the wilderness of the Mediterranean

The land cries of barrenness as our forest trees are cutdown

Hospitals and clinics turn into a death warrant on the continent

Education is in tatters, the future getting bleaker by the day

By Adama Makasuba.

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