National Assembly

A group of concerned citizens has been granted a police permit to stage a peaceful protest against the controversial judicial officers remuneration bill on Monday.

The protest is expected to kick off at midday and ends at 2pm. Protesters are asked to gather at Bond Road and march to the gate of the parliament in Banjul, where they will hand their petition letter to the lawmakers.

However, police indicated in the permit letter that only five people are allowed to enter within the National Assembly chambers to hand the petition letter.

However, some Gambians denounced police conditions in the permit, describing it as its equal to rejection. While some Gambians believed citizens should do away with conducting such “weak” protest in holding the government and its arms accountable.

Others called for massive mobilisation of citizens on Monday to ensure what they described as “dishonourable” National Assembly members are stopped from passing the bill.

Reporting by Adama Makasuba 

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