Police have launched an investigation into the death of a Bundung resident who collapsed in a cell at Sukuta Police station.

Fakebba Colley, 40, died after he was rushed to the Sukuta Health Centre where he was confirmed dead.

“We cannot confirm that but a similar matter like that happened. The matter was such that the individual was a subject of investigation. 

“He collapsed in the cell and was to the health centre at Sukuta where he was pronounced dead. The matter is being taken up for further investigation to ascertain his cause of death,” Lamin Njie told Gambiana.

However, a source told Gambiana that Fakebba Colley “fell down under distressed conditions” adding “CID personnel there were laughing at him.”

“The Gambia Police should know that once you detain or restraint a subject under your custody, the person’s security is entirely in your hands. 

“The person should be accorded hospitality, entitled to safe, clean drinking water, toileting, and access to call family when needed,” the source added.

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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