Gambia Drug Law Enforcement Agency has named eight entry points used by drug traffickers to smuggle drugs into the country.

The police drug agency made the revelation in its 2019 annual report.

“Most of the traffickers enter through villages like Kartong, Sibanor, Bullock, Dimbaya, Omorto, Darsilameh, Jalokoto and Giboro. 

“A massive 610 people were arrested of which 67 were non-Gambians. It’s a mixture of those caught trafficking in the drugs and those who were found in possession of the drugs,” the report said.

The agency said it seized over two tons of cannabis in 2019 worth 7.9 million dalasis; over 56 kilograms of cocaine was also seized worth 113 million dalasis and it came largely from the seizure of 52 kilograms of the substance from a sugar container imported into the country by Laura’s Food Company.

It added that over one kilograms of hashish was also seized worth D413,000, as well as one kilogram of ketamine. 

Bakary Gassama, DLEA head, said in the report: “It is my strong conviction that addressing the drug problem is a shared responsibility. 

“While we may think that there is no single justification for young people to use drugs, it is important that we, as concerned adults, parents, and policy-makers, pay attention to the reasons they advance for this attitude, however implausible we find them and talk to them about the dangers and life-long devastating effects.”

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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