The People’s Progressive Party has elected Kebba Jallow as its new leader amid vote rigging allegation.

The party’s congress held over the weekend at Brikama-Ba, Lower Fulladu West descended into chaos after supporters of the rival candidates fought each other over the election process. 

According to sources riot police had to be called to the congress centre to restore order. 

National Assembly member for Banjul South Fatoumata Njie, who was vying to become the first female leader of the party, boycotted the leadership election after claiming it was being rigged in favour of the acting leader Kebba Jallow.

Ms Njie and her supporters marched out in protest saying they didn’t want to be part of the “fraudulent electoral process”. She was joined by Pa Ousainou Saho who was vying for party’s deputy leadership.

 “This congress is fraudulent because they know since yesterday that I’m going to win. They did not even give lunch and dinner to the people they suspected are going to vote for me. When I arrived here around 9pm, I went out to find dinner for them. I paid for accommodation for some of them,” Ms Njie told the Standard.

“If you look at the master list I have with me, they have changed it. The people who are supposed to vote for me were not issued delegate cards. 

“My other contention is that before people vote for you, you should tell them why they should vote for you [but they did not allow that at this congress].”

Despite the bitter dispute and boycott, the leadership election went ahead with Kebba Jallow securing 92 votes against Touma Njie 2 votes.

Muhammed Ndow, National Assembly member for Banjul Central won the deputy party leadership election. Amie Jallow-Forster won the post of treasurer and Duta Kamaso as her deputy.

The elected leader Kebba Jallow denied any vote rigging and claimed the party’s  electoral procedures were followed.

This is the second time the PPP leadership election has been marred by fraud allegations. The last election between political upstart Papa Njie and the party’s grandee BB Darboe faced similar vote rigging allegation leading to a split in the party. 

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