The Gambian leader has lashed out at his critics accusing them of being “hypocrites” who won’t accept that he brought developments to the country.

Speaking in Sami district, President Barrow warned his critics that they will be massively disappointed in the December 4 presidential election as he expressed hope for a landslide victory.

“Sami people, Sandu people and Fulladu people I know on the 4th of December what they usually tease me here that you have a president who is afraid, you have a president who doesn’t talk, you have a president who is uneducated, you have a president who sleeps, but on the 5th of December I will play in this country,” he said.

“I used to hear these talks but all these talks are hypercritical talks. You know they say: what makes a betraying act a very bad act is that what you know and see is what you refused to accept. That’s why betrayal is very bad,” he added.

“But the saying goes in Mandinka that a betrayer will not rest unless he sleeps or dies,” he said, adding that “a president who sleeps would not be able to achieve such developments in five years”.

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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