Princess Shyngle has filed for divorce from Gibou Bala-Gaye after two months of marriage.

The Gambian actress accused her husband of domestic abuse and said marrying him was a “mistake”.

Princess Shyngle and Gibou Bala-Gaye tied the knot in January this year at a private ceremony. She described Gibou at the time as her “childhood crush”. 

Now the breakdown of their marriage is being played out on social media. 

Princess Shyngle, 30, wrote on Instagram: “Since you want to tell the world everything, tell them you’re a woman beater.

“Let them know you put your hands on women and pull out guns on a woman. Don’t f**king play with me. You put your hands on a wrong b*tch.

“You are a f**king mistake. I’ve divorced your ass so leave me the f**k alone. This drama is just getting started. I think you really underestimated me.” 

The actress also shared a copy of the divorce paper containing her signature while appealing to her estranged husband to also sign to facilitate the split.

She said she had been making efforts to get her husband’s signature on the divorce paper for weeks without success.

Her estranged husband also took to social media to share his own side of the story. He wrote on Facebook: “It used to be US, ME & YOU. How did this end up to you vs. me? I don’t know what’s got into you all of a sudden. Why the change of heart? Why hold on to something we could have talked out or fixed within us as mature individuals.

This isn’t a game or another one of those movie scripts. This was life for me, I gave up everything and everyone for a fresh start with you.

“Seven weeks, not one time you ever thought of trying to fix this. You asked for a divorce three times prior to this incident over little things. You just wanted to leave. You didn’t even give me the chance to see you or speak to you after that night.”

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