Quality-Net International, QNET, has strongly reacted to allegations of fraud and human sacrifice as “complete nonsense”. 

The Hong Kong-based company was reacting to numerous complaints that it was involved in human sacrifice, fraud and blackmail. 

The company’s regional general manager and public relations manger in sub-Saharan Africa arrived in The Gambia to to address concerns raised by some Gambians that since joining the QNET franchise over the years they have not seen any tangible benefits. 

Biram Faal, the regional general manager, told reporters that there were lots of misinformation of QNET activities in The Gambia circulating on social media. 

“Chances are, you have an enemy out there – who are ready to say or do anything just to harm or destroy your image.”

“Who have we kill,’’ Mr Faal asked? 

“Have anyone found any human remains or bodies in our offices.” 

Mr Fall explained that “there are differences between hearsay and the truth – and the truth of the matter Is that QNET is a direct selling company.”

According to him, the company has also been a victim of “these unethical practices and this created some misperception about the company”. 

“So, I take this opportunity to clarify that QNET is not a get-rich quick scheme neither human sacrifice,” he said.

Mr Faal further clarified that the company does not also offer job but instead offer business opportunity like any other business opportunities.

According to him, the company also offers a wide range of health, wellness and lifestyle products and services through its proprietary e-commerce platform, aimed at helping people live better lives.

Abdoulie Nyockeh, a consultant of the company, highlighted the importance of the engagement forum, adding that the objective was to clear doubts and dismissed the misinformation and negative image that people attached to the company. 

QNET, which says it is a 

multi-level marketing business, has faced fraud allegations in not only The Gambia but many other countries including India and Egypt. 

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