Real De Banjul have ended their close to a decade-long title drought to earn their 13th Gambia Football Federation League title after drawing goalless with Wa Banjul Football club.

The club fans stormed the KG5 stadium in jubilation after the referee blew the final whistle of the game, as they drummed and danced. 

The club’s title earning campaign has been described by local football pundits as “exceptional teamwork” and “strategic brilliance”. 

“Your performances on the field have been nothing short of awe-inspiring, captivating fans and supporters alike. The way you have embraced challenges, overcome obstacles, and showcase your talent is truly commendable,” one football commentator said.

The club said said in a statement that: “this triumph belongs to you as well. Your unwavering support, cheers, and chants have undoubtedly fueled the team’s drive to succeed. 

“Your loyalty and passion have created an electric atmosphere, making you an integral part of this victory. Your commitment to the club is truly remarkable.”

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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